Roadside stand

Conveniently located  1 mile west of the Boundary Trails Health Center on PTH #3. and Road 25 West.

Our Garden Market offers local grown produce!  Our shelves are stocked repeatedly throughout the day in an effort to supply you with as fresh as possible farm food.

The season begins with herbs, lettuce and radishes. Strawberries and peas follow closely after that and if its been an early year some fresh potatoes!   Cucumbers, Zucchini and Beans follow and many days we offer our Signature Shelled Sweet Peas.  (If you are looking for those specifically call ahead and we will save some for you on our harvest days)

Corn is usually ready early in August and we grow delicious SWEET corn! 

In the mid-later summer the garden is bountiful and often boasts all the garden vegetables simultaneously.  Kholrobi, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Peppers, Cabbage and numerous other garden treats can be found!

You can also find fresh flowers!  Gladiolas or a mixture of sunflowers make the perfect bouquet to brighten those spots where the dry flower pots sit.

NEW for 2019! You will be able to purchase delicious cherries, peaches, and more!.

A hard frost usually ends our season but we have snuck past that hard frost and been open until the first week in October for the past two years.

AND....YES YOU READ IT RIGHT we are a SELF SERVE stand operating in the spirit of community and belief that people are honest!  So bring your change along.  We accept cheques as well.


MORDEN CORN AND APPLE FESTIVAL                                                    We are the "Official" Supplier of the Sweet Corn you will eat at the Morden Corn and Apple Festival.  You can purchase it at the Festival in support of the Lions Club or if you have stayed too late or parked too far away you can purchase it at our stand open 24-7.